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December 27, 2013
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KG: Naomi Sugita by 10-02-96 KG: Naomi Sugita by 10-02-96
Alryeee, so this is my OC for :iconkingyohigh:
I couldn't stop myself, this group is SO amazing~~~ <3
So here is my pink haired girly girl. Her hairstyle is inspired from Elsa's [Frozen]. But don't worry~ She has many more hairstyles! <333 
I hope her personality isn't like Elsa's because I have no idea what she is like since I didn't watch the movie yet... xD

Name: Naomi Sugita

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 1,58 cms

Weight: 52,4 kgs

Class: A - 2

Club: Foreign Languages

Bullet; Black Anything that has to do with the US.
Bullet; Black Travelling
Bullet; Black Braids
Bullet; Black Plushies
Bullet; Black Vintage dresses
Bullet; Black High heels
Bullet; Black High-waisted skirts & High-waisted shorts
Bullet; Black Small tattoos that have important meanings
Bullet; Black Headbands
Bullet; Black 70's & 80's music

Bullet; Red "Mainstream" things
Bullet; Red Racism
Bullet; Red High places
Bullet; Red Hot days 
Bullet; Red Eating unhealthy food
Bullet; Red Having serious responsabilities

Sexual Preference: She never felt attracted to someone for now, so she doesn't know.  Straight, most probably.

History: Naomi was born as an only child, and even though her parents wanted a little sibling for her, that wasn't possible due to her mother's health problems. She was her daddy's little girl, and she got everything she could ever wish for. She didn't have friends, though, and as a young child, she didn't interact with people, as she lived in a mansion that was located in the mountains [because her father thought that both she and her mother would need fresh, not contaminated air]. She grew up as a spoiled child, becoming to think that she is the shit [literally]. Naomi was homeschooled until her last year of middleschool. She had to move to the city when her mother's health got worse. When she got into a "real" school, and she saw herself surrounded by "real" people, she realized that the only way she could have friends was being nice to everyone, doesn't matter if she likes them or not. This made her show people her good side, and hide her bad side from them, and thus, she is now hiding her true self behind a lie. She hates this but she doesn't think she can change anything, so she keeps it as is for now, having only dreams of changing the situation. She also has a huge desire of being the one who catches everyone's eye, for which she adopted the hipster style, as she finds it unique, beautiful and interesting.

Personality: Naomi is quite the one who wants to look, or atleast, give the impression that she is better than she actually is. She tries to show the people she meets that she's smart, that she's mature, that she has a strong personality, and so on. But in fact, she's just a little girl who grew up in the countryside, and who doesn't know alot of things about the city life. She does love to meet new people and such, but she's not seeking for friendships. What she seeks for is attention. She wants people to make her feel important, to give her their attention, their words and their feelings, while she doesn't do anything to deserve all this. While she mostly shows herself as a calm and laid-back individual, she is also quite a manipulative, and when the things don't come out as she wants, she can get bitchy and annoying. Naomi tends to think that the imagine she gives to people is actually herself, thing that, in the moment she realizes she is not like that, makes her go mad, literally. She can get sad and depressed during these moments, but this is a face she doesn't usually show to people. She prefers to cry alone in her room, and next day, to get out of the same room with a smile on her face. She thinks that you can have anyone in the palm of your hand if you tell them what they want to hear, and because of this, she tends to be nice with everyone. Deep in her heart, she dreams of the day when she won't have to lie about who she is, because the people she holds dear would accept her just the way she is.

Additional Info: 
Bullet; White She has two fish pets she named Nero (black in Italian) and Bianca (white in Italian), and she loves them very much.
Bullet; White She is left-handed, and she has a small tattoo on her left hand: 3 stars, a big-sized one, a middle-sized one, and a small-sized one, that are representations of her father, her mother and herself. She got it when her mother's health got worse and it means that her family will always stay united, no matter what. [I couldn't draw it for now, but I'll draw it soon <333]
Bullet; White She has a scar on her right knee. She got it when she was around 4 years old, when her father got home, and she ran to him. She fell on the ground and hurt it with a stone.
Bullet; White Her real hair colour is black, but she dyes it pink so it'll look more interesting and appealing.

I hope I'll get in!
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Kazuko15 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much sweetheart! <333 Just like Kaede~ 
Club matiesss hurrr hurrr hurrr~ :icontrolldanceplz:
Kazuko15 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome <3

HAHA CLUB MATES :iconepichigh5plz:
Yurikax3chan Dec 27, 2013   Digital Artist
asdfghjkl; I love her hair, it's so adorable :iconsocutememeplz: !! 
And I love her personality :iconshaplz: !
asdfghjklñ <333
Thanks so much sweetheart!
I'm glad you like herrr~ <3 That hair almost killed me x'D
Luna is such a sweetheart as well! <33333 :iconsnugplz:
Thanks SO muchhh!!! :iconsobbplz:
I'm glad you think so!!! I worked my ass off on that hair :iconmingtearsplz:~ I wanted something different. And there it is <33333
Kuuru-kun Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OOOOOOOOMFG :iconcannotevenplz:<33333333333 SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL ILY AMG :iconallmytearsplz::heart:
AMEEEHHH~~~ <33333 THANKS SO MUCH BABY!!! :heart:
sachigami Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww she looks beautiful!!! <333 I love her *v*
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